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  • Book of Beauty

    This is the ultimate kit if you want to update your makeup or if you’re just looking for a massive refill. It contains 12 easily applied eyeshadows, rouge, highlighter and everything you need for those perfect brows.

  • Contour Kit

    Enhance your beauty with our complete Contouring kit!
    The Contouring kit will help you to bring out your best features- contour, highlight and give your face a natural blush! The Contouring kit holds six shades that will give you a flawless finish:

    Almond- a neutral tone to use as a base and to blend with the darker tones.
    Vanilla- a neutral tone with yellow base that reduces redness.
    Cupcake- a shimmering highlighter that will bring out your best features.
    Crossiant- a cold brown tone for contouring.
    Chocolate- a medium warm brown tone for contouring.
    Pink grape- a beautiful matte blush for your cheeks.

    Watch the how to video to learn how to use the Contour Kit for perfect results!

  • Cream Contour Palette

    This Cream Contour Palette gives you eight creamy
    shades for contouring and highlighting!
    It also contains a lovely blush to give you the
    perfect finish!

    The shades are easy to apply and the formula is soft
    and creamy. Thee many shades gives you the
    possibility to adjust the contouring according to your
    seasonal skin tone.

    Tulip – a light yellow tone that highlights and cover red areas
    Amaryllis – a light beige tone for highlighting
    English Rose – a beige tone for base
    Cherry Blossom – a beautiful blush
    Honeysuckle – a light brown for blending
    Black Orchid – a warm brown shade for contouring and blending
    Chocolate Cosmos – a cold brown medium shade for contouring
    Black Hibiscus – a cold dark brown color for contouring

    Watch the how to video to learn how to use the Contour Kit for perfect results!

  • Dream Cheek – Blush Kit

    Perfect countours with this blush- and highlighter kit. Create a fresh look with rosy cheeks or a more sunkissed look with defined cheekbones.

  • Sun Blush Kit

    This magnifique little palette contains all products needed to sculpture your facial features. Rouge and highlighter is the easiest way to achive just that!

    To define your cheeks in the most effective way: apply the rouge on the highest area of your cheekbone and put a highlighter above the rouge, between the eye and the cheekbone.
    The kit contains a matte sunpowder, highlighter and blush that works all year round.

  • Under cover

    Contour and highlight your face using the colors; Champagne,
    Smokey Quartz, Morion and Pearl. For a soft blush use the color
    Topaz. Cover dark cirkels under your eyes using the color Citrine
    and ad Light rose to brighten the area. Use the color Amethyst to
    hide yellow areas and the color Topaz to hide green tone