Do your New years makeup with us!

You will be the star of the night with this New Years makeup made by Makeup Artist Fatlume Parduiz with Viva la Diva products!

1. Start by drawing a line above your crease with the black eyeshadow from the ‘Metal eyeshadows’ palette

2. Mix ‘Deco’ and ‘Just’ from the ‘Perfect nudies’ palette and apply it above the line with a small blendingbrush

3. Apply some more of that black eyeshadow with a blendingbrush where you made the line in the beginning, to make the look more smoked out

4. Draw another line with the ‘Crystal glitter eyeliner Silver’ under the black shadow,. Then apply a pink/purple eyeshadow from the ‘Metal eyeshadows’ palette on your lid

5. Take the black eyeshadow again and apply it to the outer corner of your eye in a “V” shape to make your eyes look more intense

6. Next, create a winged eyeliner using ‘Liquid eyeliner Black’, apply this to your waterline aswell

7. Take the same eyeshadow that you used on your eyelid and apply it to your lower lashline. Then take the black eyeshadow on a small brush and apply it as close to your lashline as possible

8. Apply mascara and some dramatic eyelashes!

Author: caroline